A Sea Change of Sorts

This may look like a a seemingly insignificant piece of yellow paper with the word "NOTICE!" emblazoned oh-so-boldly on its face, but don't let it fool you. This piece of parchment represents the start of some significant and exciting changes to come for the future of The Caffeinery and its transition from a multi-roaster coffee shop & tea house with a single location, to a full-scale coffee company.

Today we have been given the okay by the city of Muncie to breathe new life into this old building. What was originally constructed as a lumber storage building for the Franklin Lumber Company, will soon become the new HQ for The Caffeinery's coffee operations. It will serve as a coffee roasting and education facility in addition to our wholesale distribution center. Don't worry, our downtown location isn't going anywhere! It will always be our retail epicenter and showroom.  



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