Coffee without Community

What a hell of a year, 2020, has proven to be. At this point, I don't dare mock it as I don't want it to try and outdo itself. We still have nearly 5-months left in the year that we have to survive and who knows if 2021 will bring any level of measurable chill. 

It's been weighing on my mind that our blog has been in a state of radio silence since mid-February. At the beginning of February, we planned on revamping our blog and had put a team in place to release content on a bi-weekly basis. In fact, we had a number of different projects gaining some serious traction by early March. The roastery was in the process of formulating all of the blends for warmer weather. The cafe was as busy as ever and anxiously awaiting the spring menu roll-out. Everything was on the up and up with positive changes. Everything was going fine until the world was properly introduced to COVID-19.

Now, before we proceed... It's important to note that we are by no means the only people impacted by this pandemic. No, this was a worldwide gut punch that no one was ready for; especially those of us working in the medical and service industry. However, despite us not being the center of the universe, for this particular blog... we can only tell the story from our perceptive vantage point. So, let's get back to the story, shall we?

As I was saying/typing... We had spent the whole week prepping for our 6-year anniversary celebration on March 17th with giveaways, special treats, and all sorts of other fun activities, but instead of celebrating, we closed up shop early and posted a sign on our door stating that we would remain closed until further notice. This was a pretty big deal for us considering that we hardly ever close. For us, consistency is paramount and this decision was not made lightly. Our decision was well-timed. Shortly after we had made our announcement, the governor of Indiana announced a plan to close all non-essential businesses.

Fast forward to July 23rd, and the shop is still closed and cases of COVID are surging around the country. Sure, we have the option to re-open the cafe and invite the masked-public back inside, but our educated opinion is that the rising cases in COVID are directly linked with people gathering in buildings with central airconditioning and shared ventilation. The decision on whether or not to re-open is not universal. Each business's situation is unique. Some businesses have more options than others and can afford to remain shuttered. It is a heavy burden to ask of small businesses to make these sorts of decisions. Some need to keep their doors open in order to pay bills and rent because it's their only source of income. That doesn't mean that they aren't aware of their situation, but limited options dictate their approach. 

Our situation is unique unto ourselves. We are extremely thankful that we are also a roastery and have the option to change and adapt to the "new normal" that we're all so sick of hearing about. To be honest, if it weren't for the roastery, things would be much more difficult. I'm thankful that we have options. I also realize how much of a bummer it is for us to keep the cafe closed, but we honestly believe that we're doing so for the benefit of our community as much as we miss seeing everyone. Exceptional coffee is worth a lot of things, but it's NOT worth risking the lives of the many wonderful people we've had the pleasure of meeting over the years. Don't worry, as of this point in time we are still doing alright and we do plan on opening the cafe back up when the time is right for coffee and community again. When that time comes, it will be a celebration! A grand re-opening for all of us.

Until that time comes, we will continue to work diligently to bring exceptional coffee to front doors around the country. After all, this delectable dark liquid is needed now more than ever with all of the e-learning, working from home, cabin fever, and etc. It's a lot to take in. Having a little tincture for the soul is a welcome distraction to the political shitshow that appears to be everywhere we turn. And with that, I just want to say that we love you all and even though we can't see you face-to-face we're still there to lift you up. Keep on keeping on and hang in there. It WILL get better.



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