Fresh Roasted Coffee Meets the Interweb

For those of you that have been following the little slice of the coffee industry that is The Caffeinery, you've seen lots of changes over the years. Since the beginning we've been dedicated to creating systems and procedures that ensure progress and growth for both our company and our people. While some of these changes are more noticeable than others, the goals are always the same. One of our most notable changes as of late is our foray into the world of coffee roasting. Up to this point, our shop had existed as a multi-roaster shop for many years. Being a multi-roaster shop has given us many opportunities to work with a wide variety of amazing roasters and kept our pallets tuned to whatever was considered the best in the industry at that particular time. These experiences would later prove to be incredibly valuable when it came to designing the methodology of our own roasting program. The results are apparent as we were able to secure a bronze medal in the North American Golden Bean Coffee Roasting Competition for our Habitual Espresso Blend within the first 6-months of launching the new program. Alas, the point of this blog is to talk about a new change... You can read all about our roasting program another time... Let's get to the real point of this blog...

As some of you have already noticed (and we know you've noticed because we've received your orders), we've been sneakily launching our new online shop over at The Caffeinery headquarters without making much noise about it. Now, this isn't because we're ashamed of our new shop (in fact, we're thrilled AF), but it's more about managing the demand and doing our best to facilitate growth in a healthy and sustainable fashion. I'm happy to report, that it's been going rather well. With all new things there are glitches and bugs to be expected, but I believe we've worked the majority of these issues out way before the shop went live (duh!). 

We've already had a number of orders come through the site and the order of operations that we set in place performed exactly as we expected. The coffee was roasted to order, packaged, and shipped with the quickness. 

In the coming months we will be working diligently to scale and improve our online presence to ensure that these delicious offerings make it to more coffee lovers throughout the continental US. 

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