New Saturday Hours

We've had quite a few people (and we're talking QUITE a few) ask us to extend our Saturday hours for a while now. So.... We feel that we are now in a place that we can make that happen without Lauren and I adding a significant workload to our already crazy work week. It's kind of a hard thing for us to do, because in order for us to do more, Lauren and I have to hand over more responsibilities to our staff. It's weird, we actually have to try and do less in order to do more. Weird. 

So we're doing a thing...

We're going to extend our Saturdays by 2 hours to start off and see how it goes. If we still have hordes of people trying to open our doors at 4PM, we will consider bumping it out even further. It's just easier for us to start small and add more later. 

The biggest challenge is to ensure that our high quality standards are upheld. This is always the challenge. Thankfully, we have an amazing staff of dedicated coffee professionals that work hard to provide exceptional service to the fine people of Muncie. So yeah... We'll be seeing you all a little later on Saturdays. Cheers!

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