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As most of you have come to learn, we like to mix things up. We strive to make continuous improvements to the various aspects of our business in an effort to keep things interesting for both the customers and staff. We feel that this constant change keeps things new and exciting for everyone! This time around we've revamped our website.

If you've had the pleasure of visiting our previous site, let's take a few moments to commemorate its passing into the digital void with a few kind words. It was a good website. It was a beautiful website. What it lacked in flexibility and functionality it made up for with stability and simplicity. Sadly, we've come to out grow it over the one and a half years we shared together. It served us well, but now it's time to move on to greener digital pastures. It was time that we put it down.

Alas, out of the ashes, a new website is born! This shiny new piece of web real-estate should serve us well for the foreseeable future. Well, until we decide to do something better that is. Only time will tell. Thanks for reading! I look forward to writing many more blogs! Feel free to leave us a comment regarding your thoughts of the new site!

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