Guatemala Huehuetenango

Guatemala Huehuetenango

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Guatemala Huehuetenango

Ah, Huehuetenango. Just saying the name evokes images of mist-shrouded peaks, fertile volcanic slopes, and the aroma of roasting coffee beans. And that's exactly what awaits you in every sip of our Guatemala Huehuetenango.

Taste the Altitude:

Grown at dizzying heights of 5,000 to 6,500 feet, these beans bask in the warm embrace of the Tehuantepec winds, a touch of Mexican magic that shields them from frost and allows them to flourish. This unique terroir whispers its secrets into every cup, resulting in a symphony of flavors:

    • Chocolate: Rich, dark, and decadent, like the finest melted cacao.
    • Almond: A nutty whisper that adds depth and complexity.
    • Syrup: A touch of sweetness, like sun-kissed caramel dancing on your tongue.
    • Green Apple: A surprising burst of tartness, keeping your palate refreshed and engaged.

Washed Away, Pure Delight:

Each bean is meticulously washed and sun-dried, a process that unlocks the purest expression of Huehuetenango's character. The bright acidity dances with a medium body, creating a coffee that's simultaneously rich and bright.

Beyond the Bean:

This coffee isn't just about taste; it's about a story. A story of smallholder farmers tending their precious crop with generations-old care. A story of sustainable practices that nourish the land and the communities that depend on it. A story of passion poured into every cup.

More Than Just a Coffee:

When you choose our Guatemala Huehuetenango Coffee, you're not just indulging in a delicious cup of joe. You're supporting sustainable farming, fair trade practices, and a legacy of coffee excellence.

Ready to embark on your own Guatemalan coffee adventure? Order your bag of beans today and unlock the magic of Huehuetenango!

Here's what makes our Guatemala Huehuetenango Green Coffee truly special:

    • Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) quality: Grown at high altitudes for superior density and sweetness.
    • European Preparation (EP) grade: Rigorously sorted for exceptional purity.
    • Certified Organic: Sustainably farmed from tree to cup.
    • Washed processing: Showcases the unique terroir of Huehuetenango.
    • Variety blend: Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, Typica, and Pacamara beans for a complex flavor profile.
  • Harvest time: December to March for peak freshness.