Brew Box: Double Take
Brew Box: Double Take

Brew Box: Double Take

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All coffees are comprised of a conglomeration of sugars, acids, water, and potential. Some coffees will possess more carbohydrates that will make them sugary and sweet, while others might contain certain acids that make them fruity and tart.

As coffee roasters, one of the most important aspects of our job is to assess a coffee’s potential and decide which characteristics to accentuate. While anyone can roast coffee by applying time and temperature, a coffee’s true potential can only be achieved by roasters who have mastered the subtleties of roasting. By balancing variables - such as air flow, drum speed, and types of heat (convective, radiant, and conductive) - a roaster has a lot of control over how a coffee will ultimately taste. The purpose of this box set is to showcase how the art and craft of roasting can present a single coffee in multiple ways.

In this box you’ll find one coffee roasted two different ways. Each bag is adorned with a QR code that will link you to a PDF full of information specific to that particular roast profile. We encourage you to brew both of these coffees, put on some of your favorite music, scan the QR code with your phone and just vibe as you get lost in the sensory experience.

Again... just to re-iterate... This box contains TWO 12-ounce bags of the same coffee roasted two different ways to create two entirely different drinking experiences. 

If you have any questions, we’d absolutely LOVE to hear from you! If you have facebook please join our group where we discuss this project and others!