Repeater 3 Month Gift Subscription

Repeater 3 Month Gift Subscription

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Our 3-month coffee subscription is the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays or just because.  Have 1 bag of roasted to order, specialty coffee delivered to a loved one's door twice a month for 3 months! 

Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Smooth

The Repeater is a staple offering in the coffee shop. We use it as our house drip in addition to our cold brew and nitro offerings. It's an all-around delicious and approachable coffee that provides a comforting familiarity for any occasion. It's chocolaty and smooth with a pleasant nuttiness and full body. When prepared as a cold brew it almost becomes chocolate milk. If you're looking for a pleasantly tame and familiar coffee experience, this is the coffee for you. Whether you're brewing it up at home in a French Press or a Mr. Coffee, this will not disappoint.  


  • Drip Brewer
  • Cold Brew
  • French Press
  • Pour Over
  • Espresso