Sumatra Koperasi

Sumatra Koperasi

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Sumatra Koperasi: A Harmonious Blend of Earthiness and Fruitiness

Embark on a sensory journey with Sumatra Koperasi coffee, an exquisite blend of earthy notes and vibrant citrusy undertones. Cultivated in the heart of Aceh Tengah, Sumatra, by dedicated organic farmers Wagiman and Yasmin, this coffee embodies the essence of sustainable practices and exceptional craftsmanship.

Flavor Profile:

    • Brown Sugar: A comforting sweetness reminiscent of molasses and caramelized sugar
    • Rum Cake: A hint of warm spices and buttery richness, reminiscent of a decadent treat
    • Citrus: A refreshing burst of zesty citrus notes, adding a touch of brightness
COFFEE Sumatra Koperasi


Aceh Tengah, Sumatra


1,400 MASL


Koperasi Coop, Wagiman Farms, Yasmin Farms


Arabica Gayo 1, Arabica Gayo 2


Wet-Hulled / Giling Basah


12oz, 2#, and 5#