Colombia Antioquia

Colombia Antioquia

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Unveiling Colombian Charm - Antioquia Roast

At The Caffeinery, we're passionate about showcasing the world's most exceptional coffees, and our Colombian Antioquia roast is a prime example. These medium-bodied beans, sourced from the cradle of Colombian coffee, offer a captivating dance of milk chocolate, caramel, and a hint of sweet orange.

A Sip of Colombian History:

Our Antioquia roast honors over 150 years of Colombian coffee expertise. We source these beans directly from smallholder farmers in the Antioquia region, ensuring a commitment to quality and sustainability. The meticulous washed processing method, a Colombian tradition, yields a clean and smooth cup, allowing the coffee's natural sweetness to shine.

The Caffeinery Roast Difference:

Our skilled roasters meticulously unlock the full potential of these exceptional beans. We take pride in masterful roasting, ensuring a cup brimming with flavor and balance. The unique blend of Castillo, Typica, and Caturra varietals creates a complex and unforgettable flavor profile, unlike anything you've experienced before.

Beyond the Bean:

Grown at impressive altitudes of 1650-2200 meters above sea level, these beans benefit from Colombia's ideal coffee-growing climate. Additionally, Colombia's unique geography allows for two annual harvests, ensuring a consistent supply of fresh, high-quality beans you can enjoy year-round.

Embrace the Colombian Adventure:

Order your Colombia Antioquia beans today and embark on a delightful taste journey. Savor a cup steeped in Colombian coffee tradition, expertly roasted by The Caffeinery.