At The Caffeinery we pride ourselves on bringing the best possible coffee experience to our customers and our local community. Whether you're making coffee at home, visiting one of our shops, or are one of our wholesale partners, we strive to deliver exceptional products, service, and support. While we consider ourselves a bit coffee obsessed, we make it a point to develop positive working relationships with our customers and employees alike. We are a family owned, independent coffee company with the mindset that anything worth doing is worth doing right.

The Caffeinery was founded in 2013 by husband and wife team, Frank and Lauren Reber. Prior to rocking the coffee lifestyle, Frank worked as a musician and recording engineer and Lauren worked as a wedding and lifestyle photographer. The one common thread between their industries was always coffee. The Caffeinery had originated as a single multi-roaster shop located in the heart of Downtown Muncie, Indiana. Since its humble beginnings, The Caffeinery has continued to evolve and has grown into a full-fledged coffee company. By 2016, The Caffeinery had begun the process of starting their own coffee roasting program.

The humble beginnings of our roasting program started where all great things start (whether it be a band or tech startup)... in a garage. We started with a single 2-kilo roasting machine and jumped right in. Frank spent the next six months reading every publication on the subject in addition to picking the brains of any roaster willing to share their knowledge. After nearly 6-months and a few hundred roasts, we managed to earn a Bronze medal from the North American Gold Bean Roasting Competition for our Habitual Espresso Blend in the 2015. This was just the beginning… After roasting thousands of batches and enduring all of the seasons in a small garage, we knew it was time to dream bigger.