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Costa Rica Cordillera de Fuego - A Tootsie Roll Adventure in Every Cup


Imagine swirling flavors of Tootsie Roll, banana, blackberry, grape, honey, pomegranate, and red currant dancing on your tongue. That's the magic of the Costa Rica Cordillera de Fuego, a medium-bodied, medium-acidity gem from the Tarrazú region.


Luis Eduardo Campos, the mastermind behind this masterpiece, has been pushing the boundaries of coffee processing for over a decade. His unique Thermic Natural method starts with hand-picked, ripe cherries bathed in Costa Rican sunshine. Then, he gently coaxs out their hidden sweetness using a touch of warmth, caramelizing the sugars for a complex and captivating cup.


But this isn't just a taste sensation, it's a story of dedication and sustainability. Luis Eduardo is a champion of the environment, using solar panels to power his wet mill and actively reducing greenhouse gas emissions. He's also deeply committed to his community, ensuring fair prices for his farmers.


Every sip of this coffee is a journey to the heart of Costa Rica. It's a tribute to Luis Eduardo's passion, the Tarrazú's fertile soil, and the sun-kissed cherries that burst with life.


Here's what makes this coffee truly special:


    • Flavor: Tootsie Roll, banana, blackberry, grape, honey, pomegranate, red currant


    • Body: Medium


    • Acidity: Medium


    • Process: Natural and Thermic


    • Region: Tarrazú


    • Altitude: 1600-1750 meters


    • Producer: Luis Eduardo Campos - Cordillera del Fuego


    • Variety: Caturra, Catuai