Birthday Blend

Birthday Blend

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The Caffeinery's 10th Anniversary Blend: A Decade of Deliciousness!

Celebrate with us! As we raise a cup to 10 incredible years, we present our special 10th Anniversary Blend. This traditionally roasted coffee boasts a delightful symphony of chocolate, caramel, and dried berries with a bright finish – a perfect reflection of our journey!

A Blend Steeped in Gratitude:

This unique blend is a tribute to YOU, our amazing customers! Your unwavering support has allowed us to pursue our passion for coffee and share it with the world. We're incredibly grateful for the opportunity to connect with countless coffee lovers and even start a family along the way. Here's to many more delicious years to come!

Tasting Notes:

  • Chocolate: Rich and decadent, reminiscent of your favorite treats.
  • Caramel: A touch of sweetness for a perfectly balanced cup.
  • Dried Berries: A hint of tartness adds a delightful vibrancy.

Limited Edition:

These special edition bags are available in 12-ounce quantities only. Choose your preferred grind to ensure a perfect cup, brewed exactly how you like it.

Celebrate with a Cup!

Order your 10th Anniversary Blend today and savor a taste of our gratitude. It's the perfect way to join our coffee celebration!