Brew Box: The Blends

Brew Box: The Blends

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4 Blends | 1 Box

We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our latest Brew Box Sampler; The Blends. This box features the tried and true, award-winning coffees that we offer year-round. We've spent years fine-tuning and tweaking these formulas to be celebrated crowd-pleasers!

Included in each box you'll find four 8oz bags of coffee (2LBs in total). Try each individually or brew a couple at a time to compare the coffees!

Included in the blends box are the following...

  1. Repeater - Medium Roast Blend
  2. Habitual - Espresso Blend
  3. Perpetual Darkness - Dark Roast Blend
  4. Decaf - 100% flavor, 10% caffeine 

When done well, blends have the capability to be so much more than any singular coffee. We hope that you enjoy the fruits of our labor. We always appreciate the opportunity to share our craft with others.