Ethiopia Sidamo Natural

Ethiopia Sidamo Natural

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Ethiopia Sidamo Natural Coffee: A Journey to the Birthplace of Coffee

Embark on a captivating coffee adventure with Ethiopia Sidamo Natural coffee, a harmonious blend of blackberry nuances, sweet cane sugar notes, and delicate plum accents, all infused with a touch of vanilla elegance.

Flavor Profile:

    • Blackberry: Indulge in the rich, tartness of blackberries, reminiscent of freshly picked berries from the garden

    • Cane Sugar: A touch of sweetness emerges, reminiscent of pure cane sugar crystals, adding a touch of balance and complexity

    • Plum: A hint of plum's vibrant juiciness dances on the palate, adding depth and sophistication to the cup

    • Vanilla: A delicate whisper of vanilla bean infuses the aroma, creating an air of sophistication and refinement

About the Coffee:

    • Region: Sidamo, Ethiopia

    • Altitude: 1,400 to 2,000 meters above sea level (MASL)

    • Varietals: Heirloom Arabica

    • Processing: Natural

    • Cupping Notes: Medium body, bright acidity, sweet and balanced

Additional Information:

    • Origin: Sidamo, Ethiopia, the birthplace of Arabica coffee

    • Cultivation: Grown in forest and semi-forest lands, contributing to environmental harmony

    • Processing: Naturally processed, preserving the coffee's unique characteristics

  • Cultural Significance: Cultivated by the Oromo ethnic group, the original coffee cultivators