Mexico Chimhucum

Mexico Chimhucum

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Mexico Chimhucum - A Chocolate & Citrus Oasis 

Unwind with a cup of sunshine amidst the cool mountain air of Chiapas. ‚ėÄÔłŹ Our Mexico Chimhucum coffee boasts a vibrant dance of dark chocolate, mandarin orange, and mango, making every sip a mini getaway.

What makes it special:

    • Flavorful Escape:¬†Dive into notes of¬†strawberry, almond, and brown sugar,¬†all wrapped in a smooth,¬†medium body.
    • Bright & Balanced:¬†A splash of¬†bright acidity¬†cuts through the richness,¬†keeping your taste buds engaged.
    • Sustainable & Ethical:¬†Shade-grown by smallholders who respect the land and their community.

Experience the magic of Chimhucum:

    • Hand-depulped and semi-washed:¬†This meticulous process unlocks exceptional fruit sweetness and vibrant acidity.
    • Strictly High Grown (SHG):¬†Beans nurtured at 1750 meters for superior density and flavor.

Ready to escape the ordinary? Order your bag of Mexico Chimhucum today and let your taste buds wander!