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Mexico Nayarit

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Unveiling Mexico's Hidden Gem - Nayarit Natural Anaerobic (SHG/EP)

Unlock a world of flavor with our exclusive Mexico Nayarit Natural Anaerobic coffee. This medium-bodied and brightly acidic green bean boasts a captivating symphony of raspberry, strawberry, plum, tropical fruit, honey, and lychee notes.

Beyond the Ordinary:

  • Unique Processing:¬†The¬†natural anaerobic process¬†unlocks exceptional¬†exotic and fruity¬†flavors, perfect for adventurous roasters.
  • Sustainable Sourcing:¬†We support¬†smallholder farmers¬†in the stunning¬†Tepic¬†highlands, ensuring quality and ethical practices.
  • Rich Heritage:¬†This coffee celebrates the¬†Los Huicholes¬†indigenous group, renowned for their vibrant artistry.

A Roaster's Dream:

  • High-Quality Grade:¬†This¬†SHG/EP (Strictly High Grown/Extra Premium)¬†coffee guarantees exceptional quality and consistency.
  • Fresh Crop 2023:¬†Experience the vibrancy of a¬†freshly harvested¬†green bean.
  • Ideal Roasting Profile:¬†This versatile coffee offers endless possibilities for exploration during the roasting process.

More Than Just a Bean:

  • Nayarit's Enchanting Landscape:¬†Sourced from the foothills of an extinct volcano, this coffee boasts the unique terroir of Nayarit.

Elevate Your Roast:

Order your Mexico Nayarit Natural Anaerobic coffee today and discover a truly remarkable coffee experience!