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NICE: Where cozy meets coffee, and every sip feels like home.

It's that time of year again – the air is crisp, the logs are crackling, and snow blankets the world outside. But nestled within the warmth of your home, a different kind of magic awaits: a cup of Nice.

Nice leans into traditional and familiar coffee flavors with the elevated experience that you've all come to expect from The Caffeinery.

This winter blend isn't just a coffee, it's an invitation to cozy. Crafted with a natural processed Brazil humming with milk chocolate notes and a washed Sumatra Koperasi Gayo dancing with toasted nuts, Nice delivers a full-bodied warmth that'll chase away the chill. A hint of orange cranberry lingers on the finish, like a whisper of holiday cheer.

Think of Nice as your perfect fireside companion. It's approachable enough for the in-laws (even the picky ones!), yet complex enough to satisfy the coffee connoisseur. It's the kind of coffee that begs for second cups in flannel pajamas, and holiday movie marathons.

Nice is limited-edition, available only through the end of January 2024. So grab a bag, snuggle up, and let the warmth of this blend fill your home with the spirit of the season. Because sometimes, the nicest things come in coffee cups.

P.S. We also recommend pairing Nice with a warm slice of gingerbread. Trust us, it's a match made in cozy heaven.